New Zealand is a seismically active country, geographically isolated from its neighbours. This isolation, coupled with a relatively small population, earmarked government resources, shifting communications technologies and the changing nature of civil society all underscore that when the next big crisis or event occurs, communities will need to share and be encouraged to work together.

Christchurch’s experience has at least reminded people that a large, centrally coordinated response is not on standby for immediate mobilisation.

Prepare Wellington (a working title for this experience design proposal) is a proposed mechanism to connect the community, its latent resources, and to enable the information generated in the event of a crisis to be captured, documented and made available to the relevant agencies, as well as the community itself. Through this process, the resources of emergency services, local and national government can be allocated in an informed manner.

The ideas that are explored in this document are the basis for ongoing work should WREMO wish to take up some of the challenges and opportunities presented. It is also our hope that some of the techniques and information collecting processes might help diversify WREMO’s communication practices and engagement with the people of the Wellington and Wairarapa region.



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